Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure during which the transplantation of hair follicles from areas with good growth of hair to problem areas is performed.

Modern methods have good reviews and results. Before you decide whether to do a hair transplant, it is recommended to try other methods, such as, for example, or plazmotherapy or mesotherapy of the scalp. On the one hand, hair transplantation, as well as any other transplantation, it is not an easy procedure, and not every expert can qualitatively execute it at a reasonable price. But our experts will cope with the task of any complexity.

Clinic offers hair transplant services, provided by the best specialists, who constantly improve their skills. Work on innovative equipment is their guiding principle, because keeping pace with the times, you can get the most effective results.

Regardless of who you are - manager, cook, politician, rocker, lawyer, pensioner, or bank employee, in our clinic, first of all you are a person, who needs help, and we guarantee you a care and warm attitude, that are constant values for our staff.

In order to work in or clinic, our physicians have undergone a lengthy selection process. Of the 50 conducted interviews, we choose the one best doctor and help him to develop and improve his knowledge and skills.

We make our prices as accessible as possible to ensure that anyone, regardless of financial situation, had the opportunity to receive quality service in our clinic.